Founded by a passion of two BROs` car wash

“GLOSSBRO” is more than a brand.
Driven by adventure, the passion for shine and the love for the road,
we welcome any and all who share the same passion and love to
become our friends. Since 2010, our goal is to manufacture top quality
innovative car care products and fulfill the needs of our customers
in revitalizing shine and offering the maximum protection of our most
valued possessions.

We have grown so much more over the years by gaining valuable
experience and knowledge in the detailing industry.
What started as a group of friends with a common passion has
grown into a one of the leading companies in the world.

At “GLOSSBRO”, we started off by focusing in manufacturing top
quality chemicals here in Korea. but now we are taking the next big
steps towards manufacturing unique and effective solutions to face
the fast ever-changing industry.

We “GLOSSBRO” ask you to share the love and affection of our products
and we promise you, we won’t let you down. We will be the most honest
and diligent company working to satisfy our valued customers.

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